Tribo da Praia is much more than just a bar – it’s an emblematic meeting point on Baleal Beach, in Peniche.

The bar was born in 1997 as “Bar Água Doce”, a basic and simple beach bar selling ice creams, coffees, and sandwiches.  Over the years, driven by the suggestions and energy of friends and customers, the bar has evolved into a vibrant spot, full of good food, refreshing drinks,  and lively entertainment.

Tribo da Praia is, above all, a Family, a Community. Here, you can enjoy unique moments with Friends and Family in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere by the sea.


   Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in various measures.

  Most of the vegetables served at the bar are produced in our organic garden. Tribo da Praia’s organic garden is based on Permaculture, which means “permanent agriculture”. This practice uses techniques that develop a natural ecosystem, counteracting global environmental degradation and being the antithesis of modern industrial systems, dependent on fossil fuels and chemicals. All the resources used in the development of our garden are natural. The aim is to create an environmentally friendly option for our community and customers.

Other practices:

• All our disposable containers are made from sugar cane bagasse, 100% compostable and biodegradable;

• We offer a variety of vegan options on our menu, encouraging more conscious food choices;

• Given our commitment to animal welfare and promoting harmonious coexistence between humans and pets, our bar adopts a pet friendly policy.


   We are a reference point in Baleal – it’s impossible to ignore the significant influence that the Sea and Nature have on our identity.

   Embracing the culture of Surf, our bar has a school, where all enthusiasts of this sport can learn and improve their skills while exploring the waves of Baleal.  The school organizes group or private surf lessons, always accompanied by experienced and qualified instructors. 

   We are a peaceful Refuge, home of truly magical sunsets. As the sun sets over the horizon, the Tribe takes on a whole new life with an intimate and involving atmosphere.

   Sunsets in Baleal are legendary and here, in our bar, we offer a truly incomparable scenario for witnessing dazzling moments. It’s a moment of sharing between Friends and Family, where every glass raised is a toast to Friendship and Life.

We are a place of Joy, Sun, Waves and Peace.

Here, we are HOME.

Here, we are TRIBO.