A) Vision:
1 – Commitment
2 – Determination
3 – Sustainability
4 – Synergy
5 – Positive Attitude
6 – Enthusiasm
7 – Responsability

B) Concept:
• Inspire and nurture the human spirit
• Improve the life quality of our employees, our community, and our planet

C) Co-workers:
8 – Empathy
9 – Fellowship
10 – Creativity
11 – Honesty
12 – Integrity

D) Products and Services:
13 – Social Responsability
14 – Sustainable practices
15 – Personalized and unconditional service
16 – Cozy, cleaned and sanitized atmosphere
17 – Local and 100% natural products

E) Mission and Purpose:
18 – Reduce insecurity and inequality
19 – Contribute to a better world
20 – Promote employment and social inclusion
21 – Take care of people and animals
22 – Take care of the land and the oceans


Our mission is to improve the life quality of the local community, gathering friends, protecting the environment, and promoting sustainability. For this, we develop activities related to surf, sustainability, support for young people in need, blood donation actions, beach cleaning, among other social and environmental responsibility actions.

In short, we aim to be much more than a beach bar – we aim to be a community, a family, a Tribe that, day after day, contributes to a better, more sustainable and fairer world. This is and always will be our greatest mission.


Biosphere develops a voluntary and independent private certification system, based on the principles of sustainability and continuous improvement.



The Personal Payment Commitment aims to recognize companies that pay their suppliers on time, contributing to a sustainable economy.

See our Adhesion here.

Tribo da Praia adhered to the distinctive seal “Sustainable Production, Responsible Consumption” which aims to:

• Promote public awareness of food waste reduction;
• Encourage economic operators in the agri-food chain to develop pioneering and creative initiatives in the fight against food waste;
• Give visibility to good practice initiatives that contribute to preventing, reducing and monitoring food waste, regardless of the link in the agri-food chain in which they occur, as well as disseminating guidelines on this topic.