We are a Place of Smiles and Moments,
Of Conversations and Sharing.
We are a Refuge for the Soul,
Made of Pure Positive Enery and Caring.

We are the Waves, the Sun,
The Surf and the Sea.
Our Family is the Tribe,
Inviting you to Feel and Just to Be.

We are the Magic of Baleal,
Where Life is Celebrated in Great Fashion.
We are the People of Peniche,
Protecting our Sea and Environment with Passion.

We are a Journey of Flavors,
Where Dishes Tell Stories.
We are a Stage for Reencounters,
Abundant in Adventures and Good Memories.

Here, we are HOME. Here, we are TRIBO.

Tribo da Praia is much more than just a bar – it’s an emblematic meeting point on Baleal Beach in Peniche.

We are a Family united by important values, such as Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and a connection with the Peniche Community. We are committed to preserving the natural environment around us and contributing to the development and well-being of the local community.

Located on one of Portugal’s most beautiful beaches, Tribo da Praia is the ideal place to Socialize, Share, Feel, and Celebrate LIFE! 


With a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, Tribo da Praia is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy sunny days!

We have a varied menu full of tasty options and refreshing drinks, seeking to provide a unique experience for all who visit us.

Our terrace invites you to extend your afternoons, while the ambient music and friendly service make every moment memorable… An invitation to live and share unique moments in front of the blue sea!

Biodegradable and Disposable Food Containers |

Organic Garden |

Vegetarian Dishes |

Pet Friendly |

Come and join the TRIBO!


Initially, Baleal was an island, but the wind and the tides made it a peninsula.

The north and south coasts of the Peniche peninsula are located very close to each other and are recognized as the best and most consistent surf spots in Portugal, with excellent daily conditions regardless of wind and swell directions.

The fantastic waves, the spectacular maneuvers, the presence of the world’s best surfers and the festive atmosphere make Peniche and Baleal must-see places.

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